Friday, June 3, 2011

Good molly, Miss Dolly

I talked to my mom yesterday and found out that our mule Dolly has moved on to greener pastures. She was 31.

She was an awesome mule. It's been said that a good mule is better than a great horse, and Dolly was a great mule. Back in her prime I actually showed her, and one year at the state fair she was the high point mule! She was beautiful--black with a brown nose and a really pretty head, which is quite unusual for a mule. And unlike the reputation that mules have, she was the sweetest thing and not stubborn in the least.


She had big, soulful brown eyes.

Dolly 2 (2)

And she'd chase you down in the pasture to get a good ear rub.

Dolly 2 (1)

She was buried on my parents' property, not far from my old horse, Mac. Hopefully the two will spend their days eating at the all-you-can eat carrot buffet and kicking up their heels in pastures that are always green.

Adios, Dolly.

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  1. Aww, I'm sorry about Dolly. She really does look lovely and sounds like she was a dear. I was just reading about mules at the Grand Canyon yesterday because my dad was talking about them falling over the edge with tourists in tow. It turns out that is a complete myth... that not one mule has ever gone over the side (at least not when there is no snow on the ground to hide the path).


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