Thursday, June 30, 2011

F Game

Well, shoot. This was the week where I was going to bring my A Game to blog world. I've been really busy behind the scenes and I'm way behind on posting things, and this was the week I was going to start catching things up around here.

But then this happened on Sunday.


It's true. One tiny spark from a piece of equipment can cause a fire. A little fire that gets into dried grass and then dried brush and then turns into a bigger fire. And then before you know it, it's heading toward the neighbor's house. Thank goodness for long hoses, nice neighbors, and friendly strangers armed with shovels.


Fortunately we had the fire pretty much out before the fire department showed up. And the only casualty was our cable and internet line. Thank goodness. Yes, we are counting our lucky stars.

We finally had the internet back up and running late Tuesday and I spent most of yesterday trying to catch up on emails and whatnot.

And then this happened. Not once, but twice. He moved about 10 feet from where I last put him down, and he did it in about a minute!


He's not crawling yet. He just rolls back and forth and pivots around and somehow manages to cover a lot of ground quickly. Is this what they call "creeping"? I call it "I'm not ready for life as I know it to end yet." Sadie agrees.


  1. And he's off! Just look at that innocent little "Who, me?" face. Yes indeedy... the end of life as you've known it, but hey, each milestone has its own rewards. The fire must have been terrifying. So glad you were able to squelch it before it got much worse.

  2. Ooooh...yucky on the fire. Glad y'all are ok...and little Mr L is gettin' wheels! VROOM!

    Linda @Lime...

  3. Looks like Lachlan's got his own A Game! ...catch me if you can, I'm the cute baby, man!
    (fire ∅, Mr.L 2)


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