Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Katherine and Wes

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July! The husband had three days off so he got to spend lots of quality time with Lachlan while I spent lots of quality time with my press!

First up was a set of 200 personalized ornament cards for Katherine and Wes. Kat picked a pretty ornament and the navy blue ink color I call blueberry. I'll be packing them up and sending them to their new home later today.

Katherine and Wes Urquhart (1)

Katherine and Wes Urquhart (3)


  1. Ah, to do what you love...
    Awesome! The gift of time is valuable; your hubby is a dear!
    Is the classy ornament based on Victorian style? It has elements of the traditional Hawaiian quilt - applique fabric is folded and cut snowflake-style, and the design usually has to do with the local plants.

  2. Hi Roz. Yep, it's a Victorian ornament. It came with a set of graphics I bought a few years ago, and it's one of my favorites!


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