Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A small schefflera (you meet the nicest people in blogland)

Ever since I was little I would imagine what it would be like to be an ant or other small critter in a forest of moss and small plants. Maybe that explains my fascination with terrariums, bonsai, and tiny gardens. I've had a few terrariums over the years, but I've never had a bonsai. Until now. And the story of how I came to possess my first bonsai is proof that we live in a small, small world full of very nice people.


I first "met" Roz through my blog about a year ago. I did a post about the honey bear acorn squash I grew from seed from Territorial Seed Company, and the company posted my post on their blog or facebook page. Roz, who lives in Hawaii, saw that post and then came to my blog. It turned out that we had a lot of interests (chickens, horses, gardening) in common, so she became a frequent visitor.

Then for Christmas she ordered a set of my letterpress mountain cards to give to her sister who--GET THIS--lives just about 30 minutes from my house! Then this past April she came to Colorado to visit her sister.

We originally planned to meet in person, and she was going to come to my house and meet Sadie and Lachlan and the presses and my three lovely chickens. But then a family member had a medical emergency and our visit didn't work out quite as planned. But Roz still came by the house for a brief visit, where she presented me with several awesome goodies she hand-carried from Hawaii, including this completely awesome bonsai schefflera. And when I say it's awesome, I mean it. It's growing out of a chunk of lava rock! How cool is that?!?


I keep it on the windowsill in my bedroom so I can see it every morning. It fulfills my fascination with small plants and is a constant reminder that there are some really, truly nice people out there in blogland. So thanks, Roz, for a wonderful gift and for your blogland friendship! :)



  1. I just LOVE the blogiverse! Gorgeous little plant!

  2. Oh that's lovely! It must have been no small feat to carry it carefully on the plane.

  3. It was fun to pick out the little plant and even more fun to see how incredibly well it's doing & how well it is loved (thanks to its TERRIFIC new owner!) ... 4,000 miles from its birth place.


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