Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lachlan's birth announcement

While we're on the topic of birth announcements this week, I wanted to show you the announcement I did for my own wee one.

Because we didn't know Lachlan's sex beforehand, I decided to keep the baby's room very neutral. I decorated it with art of African animals I got in Ethiopia in 2008, which happened to include a lot of giraffes. Nothing about the room really screamed "baby!" and I wanted that same sort of vibe with the birth announcements. I wanted to avoid pastel colors and overly cartoon-y giraffes.

My original plan for a spectacular 3-color announcement got thrown out the window late in pregnancy. This was going to be my first baby and I wasn't sure how soon I'd feel like standing at the press all day, so in the end I went for a much simpler 1-color option. My awesome friend Young designed it for me and I was super happy with how it turned out.

To save paper, I made the announcement A2 size and included a separate photo of Lachlan rather than printing a larger announcement and attaching the photo to it. When Lachlan was 6 weeks old we had a friend of the husband come over for a little photo shoot, and I am in love with the photo we included with the announcement. He just looks so peaceful.

Lachlan announcement 1_f

I custom mixed the ink to be sort of a slate blue. Again, I didn't want anything too pastel and babyish.

Lachlan announcement 2

I especially love how the spots of the giraffes look with the impression created by letterpress!

Lachlan announcement 3


  1. I absolutely love these! Seriously. I like that they're obviously a birth announcement but aren't too childish - elegant but sweet. Love love love.

  2. LOVED your announcement....and a privledge to get such a beautiful work of art!


  3. These are PERFECT, Melissa! The color, the font for his name, the giraffe's spots, the picture... I love every little detail.

  4. Thanks SO much, everyone. I'm happy to hear that others like them as much as I do. :D


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