Friday, June 10, 2011

The sum of things

This picture pretty much sums up the status of my life at the moment...

We saw the pediatrician yesterday and received the official blessing to try some solid foods other than rice cereal because Lachlan has recently refused to even consider it. The pediatrician said he could be a "supertaster," which I guess is an actual condition in which the sense of taste is much greater than normal (and is different from being a "picky eater"). Who knew?

She suggested we try pears, which I tried last night. They went over like a lead balloon. So this afternoon we tried some carrots. I didn't think to get a bib on him before we started, and because he was actually trying it I didn't want to interrupt things by getting one. I think I'll let Sadie clean him up from now on.

He's still not sure about the taste of the carrots, but I think he at least loves the mess he can make with them!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Anything with the prefix "super" sounds pretty darned good to me! He's probably just surprised by (and getting used to) the different textures. By the beginning of July he'll be wolfing down your garden veggies.

    P.S. I spy hair! :)


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