Friday, September 16, 2011

Next round of Heartsy

Would you like a screaming good deal on some of my letterpress goodies? With the holidays sneaking up on us (or at least me!), now would be a good time to start your shopping!

I submitted another deal to Heartsy.

If you're not familiar with Heartsy, it's a website that sells vouchers for store credit. Artisans submit their "deal" along with four photos of their products. The photos are shown anonymously to members of the Heartsy community, who vote whether they would definitely buy a voucher, probably, maybe, etc. I can't tell you what my "deal" is because it's not determined until the shop has been accepted, but all "deals" are for vouchers that are at least half off, and most are for even more.

Once a deal is accepted, it may be a week or two before the vouchers are available for purchase. If you buy a voucher, you have three months to use it, so the timing will work just perfect for Christmas shopping and for a good deal on the new personalized stationery I'll start offering next month.

If you'd like to vote for me, that would be great. My deal will only be offered if I get enough votes from the Heartsy community. I think the voting for me continues through tomorrow, the 17th. If you're already a member of Heartsy, just sign in. If you're not a member, go to Heartsy and register by giving them an email address. Once in, go to "Pick deals." From there, select "Paper Goods" from the drop down menu and vote "yes, definitely" when you see my cards pop up. It's anonymous, so you'll just have to look for the photos of my cards, which will include these two new ones:

If my deal is selected, I'll let you know when the vouchers are available. :D


  1. Cool Beans...Heartsy is a whole new concept to me!

    Linda @Lime....

  2. I just went to Heartsy and chose the "pick deals" tab at the top. After about 50 clicks, I saw your items still there waiting to be voted on (the green "hello" and the salmon-colored fox). ...very excited to see this. Natch, I voted "yes, definitely".
    I hope your deal goes live soon, so you have many new and old customers who can buy your wonderful cards ... and get a great price.


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