Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Up Up Yours

I've been following the blog Up Up Creative for a good long while now. Julie, the woman behind it, is pretty amazing and I love reading her posts. She's doing something a little, um, crazy during the month of September.

She's letting people NAME THEIR PRICE for wedding invitations.

Yes, that's right. Name your price. She's calling it Up Up Yours. (ha ha ha.) It's a bit of an experiment, and when I first read of her plans to do this a few weeks ago, I thought it was a heck of a gamble. But Julie is hoping to turn the wedding industry on its head and start a conversation of value, particularly the value people place on handmade, quality, small business, and the ability to work one-on-one with a real, live human being.

If you're in the market for wedding invitations, this is probably the deal of a lifetime. And if you're not in the market for wedding invitations, perhaps you'll still support Julie by purchasing any of her other really fun products.

She has a fun little video that introduces her and her concept.

And when you're done with the video, perhaps you can swing by and see Julie at her blog or her store.


  1. My wedding was just on the 28th. This would have been perfect a few months ago. (I did get a wonderful price though that I don't think anyone could have beaten). I think this is a great idea, the vendor who did my invites was also a small business on Etsy who hates what the wedding industry has done and how everything is blown out of proportion.

  2. It will be fascinating to see how this works out. I really hope it's a win-win situation. Actually bartering appeals to me and I wouldn't mind more emphasis in daily life on trading skills than cold, hard cash... but then I'm a totally unrealistic dreamer sometimes. :)


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