Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day

I hope you all are having a good Labor day. Mine has been pretty productive so far.

I took a car load of cardboard boxes to be recycled. And I do mean a car load. The back of my vehicle was completely full, as was the front seat and the part of the back seat not occupied by Lachlan.

9-5-11 001

It's great to be rid of all those boxes, but it's super fantastic to be rid of all the STUFF that used to be in those boxes out in the workshop. Yes, sir. Progress in that department has been good. (Thanks to my awesome baby sitter!)

Then my little helper and I headed out into the garden to survey the situation. Lachlan wondered when we are going to make more tomato sauce. He sure liked them 'maters the other day!

9-5-11 006

While he was entertaining himself with dirt and leaves, I was stuffing my face with raspberries. Mmmm, raspberries.

9-5-11 002

Now I'm headed back out to the workshop for the next round of organization. I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff and now I am entering the important phase of organizing what's left!

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  1. Your raspberries are super-gorgeous! Mine always fell apart into little round bits when I picked them.


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