Friday, September 2, 2011

In response to your comments

I'm in the mood to tidy up some things around the house today. Sometimes the piles and unfinished projects really get to me. And I realized that there are a few comments from some of you that I haven't been able to respond to yet, so I thought I'd tackle those things today, too.

In response to Roz's question about the buried irrigation system in the garden, you can see some pictures of the system we used here. We got the supplies from a local ranch and farm supply store, but I think they would be readily available at any Home Depot or Lowes. The husband is unavailable at the moment so I can't get details on the dimensions of all the tubing we used, so I'll plan to do a more detailed post later. Dang. That's one thing still left unanswered!

In response to Holly's comment about canning and preserving tomatoes, I actually LOVE to do that sort of thing. Typically I spend all fall making jam; that's sort of my "thing". But canning tomatoes for some reason hasn't appealed to me in the past, maybe because I get too burned out after all the jam I make. I'd love to make salsa and preserve that, but the husband and I disagree on the finer points of making salsa, and because he likes eating it more than I do, I just let him make his own. I'm not making any jam this year because it's too difficult with a little one running around. Once that stuff starts boiling you can't leave it until it's in the water bath, and I figured it would be asking for trouble to try to make it while trying to chase Lachlan around the house. Next year...

In response to Linda's comment about the sad state of our workshop, all I can say is that it's actually worse than it appears in the photos! And to make matters worse, I'm the biggest offender. I have piles and piles and piles of letterpress stuff that I'm still trying to go through. I made a lot of progress when the babysitter was here on Tuesday afternoon, and she's coming again today and over the weekend. My goal is that by September 30 the shop will be as clean as the barn that Linda recently featured. (By the way, good luck to Linda's daughter in her upcoming three day eventing show!)

In response to Linda's other comment about the tomatoes, I do actually like to eat a cherry tomato or two right off the vine. Sadie likes that, too. She'll stuff her face with them! And I do love a good BLT (especially if it also includes avocado and has a particular emphasis on the "B" part!), but I have been known to pull the tomato out after just a few bites... I don't like them on any other kind of sandwich and I really don't like them on hamburgers! I'm weird, I know.

But it appears that at least one person in this family does like them!


Hope you all have a happy weekend!


  1. By golly...if that isn't the cutest little picture of Lachlan !!! A real keeper! Sittin' in the Bumble chair a pickin' tahmatters. And holey tahmatters, Batman, just look at that Beautiful Hair a coming in ... I'm jealous! ;)

  2. I was wondering if the little man would like 'em - yay, Lachlan!

    Have a happy, productive weekend, Melissa!


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