Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tomatoes: A confession

These are the tomatoes I just picked. They are not to be confused with the mound of 'maters I picked less than a week ago.

Tomatoes, round 2

They came from just five tomato plants. I didn't even bother to pick the cherry tomatoes today because I still have a giant bowl full of them from last week. Isn't that ridiculous?

What's more ridiculous is that I don't really like tomatoes. Can you believe it? Oh, sure. I'll eat them green and battered and fried and smothered in ranch dressing. I'll eat them ripe and sliced and smothered in ranch dressing. I'll even stuff a few slices in my mouth if they're covered in mozzarella cheese and drizzled with a nice balsamic vinegar. But overall, they really don't do much for me.

But I still grow them every year.


Because they do so well here that it's almost like growing a weed, and therefore they satisfy that part of my personality that craves instant gratification and something for nothing.

Well, something for nothing except the time it takes to turn them into spaghetti sauce...


  1. Not that you're in need of another hobby or anything, but I can and preserve tomatoes. Some of my favorite recipes are: tomato and basil jam, cashew tomato chutney, salsa, ketchup, and, of course, tomato sauce.

  2. Oh my word...I am salivating...and conjuring...and dreaming of all the things I would make with your 'Maters! Wow. You impress me.

    How is that little Mr. tomaters yet I guess...but soon.

    So really? You have never revelled in eating a sunwarmed tomato right off the vine??? Really?

    For some reason I am having a really hard time leaving a comment...I think it has to do with my computer, not yours.

    Make may like it. And what about a wonderful old fashioned BLT on a great wheat bread.

    I'm salivating again.

    Oh...and littlest child doesnt compete until October in the eventing three day. I'll let cha know how it goes!

    Linda at Lime....

  3. Ah, I wish I could beam myself over to your kitchen counter to scoop up those beauties!


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