Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bountiful harvest

Although it has been practically abandoned this year, my garden is cranking out the produce like crazy. The buried soaker hoses that the husband installed this year made ALL the difference. I just turn the water on once a week and let it run overnight. The plants have nice deep roots, and there are basically zero weeds.


Isn't the white eggplant awesome? I think it's called ghostbuster. It's really good battered and fried (what isn't?). And this is the third crop of green beans from the same plants. I had no idea that green beans could be this prolific. They just keep on keepin' on.

eggplant and green beans

Despite losing several tomato plants to unknown causes, I still have an overload of 'maters. Looks like I'll be eating spaghetti with marinara sauce this weekend!



  1. So glad everything is doing great and no weeds too - sounds like paradise! (We'll just ignore that darned squash bug epidemic. :))

  2. Ann, you totally caught how I just skipped right over that whole squash bug incident! Ha! (I also skipped right over the strawberry fiasco... Let's just say that the chickens really like strawberries, even ones that aren't ripe!!)

  3. Yum! Where did you wind up getting your soaker hoses & irrigation equipment from? I'd love to try this once-a-week underground watering. Seems it would be helpful, since at times it can get so windy here!


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