Thursday, September 22, 2011

Workshop before and after

A few weeks ago I shared with you a few pictures of the sad state of our workshop...

It was a total disaster. While we remodeled our house, most of our belongings were packed up and stored some place in here. And then we just kept adding to the piles over the course of about three years.

That, in combination with a husband who likes to keep boxes that are only partially (or very minimally) full rather than consolidating items into a single box, resulted in complete and total chaos. It became one of those spaces that just makes you anxious and uneasy. Plus it was frustrating that we could never find anything, let alone actually work in there!

The husband had to go to Australia for a few weeks, so I took full advantage of that time to completely organize and clean the whole space. He wasn't supposed to be back until September 30, but he ended up coming home early about two weeks ago so I didn't get to finish everything I wanted to do. But I made three trips to Goodwill, filled up the large trash bin at least twice, and recycled a bazillion boxes. And all of the things we've been missing while they were packed have finally found new homes in the house.

The end result is a clean and organized space. I even mopped the floor!!!

I still have some things to get rid. In the photo above there is a rolling cart full of letterpress cases and type and stuff that I need to get rid of. But all of the boxes on the shelves above have been sorted and labeled so we can find what we're looking for. Like items are grouped together (garden stuff on one set of shelves, coolers on another, camping gear on another) and positioned according to how often they're used and who is most likely to use them (items I need regular access to are on lower shelves).

The area is still pretty crowded because the husband's old camaro is parked inside, but at least there are plenty of clean work surfaces, and all of the husband's tools are on rolling carts that can be easily moved around the shop.

Yay for organization!

I'll be signing off from here for a few days. My computer is finally (FINALLY!) back from being fixed. It had to go back to HP where they decided it was a hard drive problem. So now I have a new hard drive with nothing on it (thank goodness I backed it up!), so I'll be spending the next week or so hunting down all my software to reinstall and then rebuilding all of my files. And I think I'll take this opportunity to do some large-scale cleaning and organizing of my files, too! Hope you all have a happy weekend, and hopefully I'll be back to blogging on my main computer soon!

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  1. Look at that! I hope the husband was impressed and pleased. (Won't you come and take on our garage and basement? I'm a decent cook and excellent babysitter. :)) Yay for the return of your computer! I get so out of sorts when mine goes on the fritz, so can completely relate.


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