Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mental health day #1

It's been pretty hectic around here, processing orders from the Heartsy sale and also working on several other big projects. So last Friday, Sadie, Lachlan and I headed up into the mountains on the Grand Mesa near our house for a little mental health break. Poor Sadie, it was as much a break for her as it was for me. She's been pretty neglected lately!

The leaves on the aspens were a beautiful golden color, and there was just enough snow on the ground to make it clear that winter is just around the corner.


  1. Winter is just around the corner?!?! Wow. It's been in the 90s here (in Tucson) all week. I must really be un-acclimating from my upbringing as an east coaster because it didn't even occur to me that it might be snowy in parts of the US now.

  2. Snow! No! Just yesterday I noticed some new snowplow guidelines that had been posted along a driveway. Don't even want to think about the white stuff yet, even if it is beautiful. Glad you all had a nice little getaway.

  3. Awesome! And look at that Blue sky! get snow and we get a swarm of earthquakes nearby today (Weds)...35 in all at 1.9 to 4.3, all within 10 miles of here. Just Mother Nature knocking on all of our doors in different ways, to let us know who really rules. :)

  4. Wow, Roz! I hadn't heard about the earthquakes. That's crazy, and I bet it's just a little unsettling, so to speak! Hope all is well with you!

    And does anybody else other than Linda have trouble posting a comment here? I was just told that my account doesn't have access to this page. What? It's my flipping page, and I just wrote it, so how come I can't comment on it now? Very frustrating...


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