Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carrot apple muffins

I recently tried Christine's recipe for carrot apple muffins. They were fantastic! They are one of the few solid food items that Lachlan seems to like, and they are so healthy that I don't feel too guilty about stuffing 3 or 4 in my face!

If you have any carrots and apples sitting around, I recommend you try this recipe! I'll be making batch number 4 this week.

Speaking of feeling guilty, I know I still owe several of you your personalized cards. I haven't forgotten about you! I just haven't had a chance to print more samples because of some other things I have going on at the moment. I'm also still waiting on the treadle to come for the press. It's being made by a foundry in Idaho and will make life much easier. As it is now I have to turn the flywheel by hand 5 or 6 times just to print one card. It is slow going and I ended up with a blister on my hand from the last batch of cards I did. Hopefully I'll get the rest of the samples printed in the next 2 weeks. :)

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