Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Malt bunny's cousins

Awhile back I showed you the malt bunny that I got for Lachlan. Well, Lachlan loved Malty Bunny so much that he decided that his cousins needed to have Bunny's cousins for Christmas (is it odd that one of Malt Bunny's cousins is a Malt Doggy?). And so that there is no mistaking which animal belongs to which cousin, they each have their own custom knit sweater with the girls' initials and made in their favorite color. They are being shipped up north today.

Now Lachlan's Malt Bunny is feeling naked, so he's going to get his own custom sweater early next year. :)

If you need your own sweatered animal, you can visit Emily at Yarn Miracle.

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