Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Here's one of the gorgeous roses my husband sent to me. They actually arrived late last week, and I think that was so smart of him because he definitely got the pick of the litter as far as roses go. They were all huge and gorgeous and SO fragrant. :D

Speaking of a holiday that's all about love and hearts, I wanted to give you advanced warning that I'll be having another Heartsy deal for my letterpress shop this week. The sale will be on Friday, with early access for VIPs on Thursday.

This will be the last Heartsy deal I do. I am making some changes to my letterpress shop and all of the pre-printed flat cards will be discontinued. I'll keep the four-part animal sets for now (woodland, farmyard, African, and Australian animals), but everything else has been put on sale (so you can get a super bargain with the Heartsy deal) and I won't print them again.

The four-part animal cards will also be phased out over the next few months. I redid them late last year because the company that supplies my envelopes discontinued one of the colors I was using. So I picked four colors for the new set, and I just found out that one of those colors has also been discontinued and won't be available after this year (ARGH!!). So I'll sell what I have in stock and more than likely won't reprint them unless the paper company can come up with a new color that will work with the rest of the set. So if you ever wanted a set for yourself or a friend, now is your chance. :)

You can get a sneak peek at what will be available for the Heartsy deal here. I'm also going to try to add a few other cards that I currently have in my Etsy shop, but all of those photos are on the dead computer... I am hoping to get something worked out temporarily so I can list them, but if you want something specific that you don't see in the ArtFire store, let me know and I'll set something up for you.


  1. Beautiful rose(s)and thoughtful husband! Am sorry to hear your flat cards will be a thing of the past... love them. But change is good, so I look forward to seeing your new plans and products.

  2. Happy V day back...If I wanted to order dome more Dane cards is that possible? Or no? Lemme know. Thanks amiga!


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