Monday, February 13, 2012

Progress in the workshop

After several days of priming and painting walls and floors, my new space in the workshop is finally coming together. Tonight I started moving in some of the awesome things I found at Habitat for Humanity.

On the back wall of the space I have two desks, which are actually some really nice SOLID wood vanities. And when I say solid wood, I mean they weigh a bazillion pounds each. When they were removed from their last home, some of the trim pieces around the edges were removed, but I think with just a bit of stain they will look fabulous. When my wonderful loving husband returns home after spending 6 weeks in Australia (scuba diving, among other things) and asks what he can do to make it up to me, I'll ask him to make a countertop for these two desks. One will be for me, and one will be for Lachlan when he gets bigger. :)


(Sorry the pictures are sort of fuzzy; they were taken with my phone, which is covered in construction crud at the moment.)

On the side wall I put a huge metal locker that was practically brand new (!) and a set of open metal shelves. I still can't believe the deal I got on these at Habitat!!

Locker and shelves

And on the wall by the main door to the rest of the workshop, I put the awesome base cabinet I found at Habitat. I think it is made of Hickory and it is in near perfect condition and already has its own countertop.

Base cabinet

If you're wondering why there is a water faucet in there (to the right of the base cabinet), this was the last space of the workshop left to one day be converted into a stall for a horse. I decided to give it up in order to have more space for all my shop items, but the husband thought we should leave the faucet since it's already there. And the floors are just sheets of plywood, so I guess if anyone ever wanted to convert it back to a space for a horse down the road, they could easily rip up the floors and that horse would have one awesome little home.

I still have several other pieces that I have to move in here, but I need to paint most of them first. Then I'll assess the situation and get whatever else I need. Once the husband gets home, I'll have him finish putting the trim around the top of the walls and the casing around the doors.

I'm just SO excited about this new space. I think my mom and I will start moving some of my stuff out there tomorrow. Weeee!

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