Friday, February 10, 2012

Where in the world is Melissa?

Sorry I'm back to being a bad blogger again. Things have been hectic for awhile. The husband has been in Australia again since mid-January, and between keeping up with orders for my shops and chasing Lachlan around (wow, he loves to be chased!), I haven't had a lot of time for much else.

My mom is here now and has been entertaining Lachlan while I try to catch up on things. She's also spending Lachlan's naptime helping me get ahead on packaging items. I recently got a shipment of more than 16,000 new bags, and she's packaged up nearly half of them already!

I was starting to really make progress on things, but then the guy we hired to build the new space in our workshop had to leave before he could paint it. So now I'm spending several days doing that. I started priming it last night and will finish that this morning and then hopefully paint it this afternoon. Tomorrow I will hopefully do the floors and repaint some of the new shelving I got from Habitat for Humanity. Hopefully next week I'll be moving in. YAY!!

Here are a few pics of it this morning. It's come a long way, but still a lot to do!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Wow you ARE a busy Mama!! 8,000 orders?! Hooyah!

  2. Oh, Linda, I wish I had that many orders! Actually, no I don't! Ha! :)
    I got a shipment of new bags in to stock my inventory, and I ordered so many different sizes and colors that before I knew it the shipment was more than 16,000. I bundle them into packages of 25 (yeah.... there's a lot of bundles of 'em sitting around the house right now...), so my mom helped me to do that. She's finished all 16,000 of them and now has moved on to packaging some of the other goodies in the shop. Yay for moms!!


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