Friday, February 3, 2012

In the works: Part 2

With all the projects I have in the works right now, I have a lot of stuff. And by a lot of stuff, I mean every closet in every room is jam packed with stuff. And the guest room bed is piled about 2 feet high with stuff. And I have stuff in boxes stacked 6 feet high in my bedroom. And I have more stuff in plastic bins under my bed. And more stuff arrives almost every day.

And so the only logical thing to do was to convert the last remaining free space in our workshop--the space that was reserved to one day house the horse that still lives at my parents--into space to hold my stuff in a more organized and user-friendly manner.

The space, which is about 13 x 18 feet, is currently under construction. The walls and floor are in, and today he added a glass door between the new space and the adjacent space (that I took over last year) where I keep the presses. The new space doesn't have any windows, so the door was added not only to make it easier to use both spaces but also to let in a little bit of natural light.

The space can be accessed via the press room, through the main workshop, or from the outside.

New space (2)

New space (3)

New space (4)

New space (5)

I have spent a lot of time this week at Habitat for Humanity, buying up all their metal shelving units and as many base cabinets as I could find. I got some fantastic stuff. Now I just need to find the time to get it painted. Hopefully I can get that done by the time the space is finished and ready for me to move in.

And then there will be almost no limit to the amount of stuff that I can accumulate!

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  1. You are making so much progress. Pretty soon you'll have your closets emptied, bed cleared off, and all the supplies will be in stacks in this beautiful new space - I can picture it now!


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