Friday, March 9, 2012

Leo and Eloise

I've been printing a lot of birth announcements over the last few weeks, including some for Sophie in Switzerland and Hans in Australia! I need to round up all of them and take some pictures to post here, but lately it seems that the only time I have to take any photographs is practically in the middle of the night. Here are two photos that I took with my phone using instagram (what an awesome invention!) while I was printing.

Leo's cards were printed in a mint green color, and Eloise's cards were printed in a custom mixed persimmon color.

I have two more sets of birth announcements to print this weekend, then another set of birth announcements and some save the date cards next weekend. It's nice to be back printing so much again. I'm also finally getting back to cleaning the type and printing more samples of the personalized stationery (I feel like a broken record because I keep saying that!). Hopefully I can finish moving everything out of the house and into the new space this weekend, and in that process I'm hoping to discover all of the other samples I printed but can't seem to find right now. :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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