Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring 2012

I just realized that yesterday was the first day of spring, which explains a lot of what's happening around here.

The first signs of life in the garden come courtesy of the rhubarb.
Not to be outdone, our apricot tree is almost completely covered in blossoms.
Apricot blossoms1
Followed closely by the plum and cherry trees.
Plum blossoms
We had a long spell of unusually warm weather and now all of the fruit trees are ahead of schedule. They will be very unhappy when the frost of April and early May come.
Apricot blossoms
The girls still enjoy hanging around in the garden area. Here's Hazel, and that's Greta on the left.
Greta and Hazel
In the front yard, the miniature wild iris are blooming. Each plant is only about 2 inches tall.
Wildflower iris
Lachlan, Sadie and I have spent a lot of time working on the backyard lately. More pictures later, but I've been cutting out all the dead growth from last year. Late last week I uncovered the catmint, and it has nearly tripled in size with new growth since then.
I also have baby lamb's ear springing up everywhere!
Lamb's ear
On an unrelated note, thanks to everyone for the nice words about the magazine feature for my cards. I'm still smiling about it. Now to get discovered by an even bigger magazine! :)


  1. The girls! I wondered if you still had chickens. I remember when they were little enough to live in your bathtub. :) Looks like your freaky growing schedule is right on par with ours. I keep waiting for those wild, windy March days we usually have, but they truly seem to have bypassed us this year.

  2. How lovely it is in your corner of the world! Look at those chicks all grown up!


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