Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I am going to drop our stuff off at the accountant today. Finally. I feel like I have been through a tornado or hurricane or some other equally traumatic event.

I am not good at "keeping books" or anything even remotely related to it. I got a C in my required college accounting class, and only because of a very generous grading curve. I think balancing a checkbook is silly. The idea of organizing receipts--heck, even keeping them in general--is almost as silly. So when you combine that kind of attitude with 4 months of receipts that were stored on the computer and lost when the computer died the second time and then add awful things like "inventory" and "cost of goods sold," well, it's a recipe for disaster.

I have spent many, many, many late nights trying to sort it all out. Nights and nap time are the only time for computer work, so it has taken me a good long while to do and so once again I have been mostly absent here. Sorry!

I'm starting to look into what program will be best for me to use to organize and track everything now that I'm dealing with inventory. Does anybody have any suggestions? Quick Books is an obvious option, but does anyone else have any recommendations for any other reallllly user-friendly programs for accounting-challenged people like me?

On a somewhat related note, I love the pictures I took of the honey bees on our apricot blossoms. The whole area around the tree smelled amazing for days and you didn't have to get very close at all to hear the buzzing of the bees as they started their important work of pollinating all of the trees in the valley. And somehow it seemed so fitting for my life lately. Busy as a bee...

Bee (1)

Bee (3)

Bee (2)

Bee (4)

Bee (5)


  1. Good luck with taxes. I can't imagine owning a business and doing that. An app/website that I used for a bit to track my expenses was Pro On Go ( I liked it because I could take a picture of a receipt and it would automatically add it into a spreadsheet for me. The website does say it integrates with Quickbooks if you choose to go that route (I never tried that part of the program).

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Billie! I'll definitely look into Pro On Go. Anything that involves something else doing something automatically so I don't have to do it sounds amazing!

  3. Nice images! My hubs says he uses expensify which sounds similar to pro on go....and quickbooks. Best to you!


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