Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And then there were two

I have some sad news to report about the girls. Our neighbor came over a few hours ago, quite upset to tell us that his dog had killed one of our chickens. He was of course profusely apologetic over the situation. I let the girls roam around to get the bugs, and they love their freedom. They have no fear of dogs, having only really been around Sadie, so I am sure they are a bit like sitting ducks, er chickens. The next door neighbor's dog (a small cocker spaniel) usually stays on his side of the creek and has never shown any interest in the girls, but the chickens often go roaming and I think it was a classic case of her being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rest in peace, Hazel. The girls and Lachlan and I will miss you.
Greta and Hazel


  1. It's been a traumatic week it sounds like! I'm sorry to hear about your lost one :( We were dog sitting a few years ago and the dog killed one of our chickens. Similar situation, the chickens were used to our dogs so didn't know to stay away from the new dog. We should have been watching closer!

  2. I know. It's so sad, especially because Hazel had no idea the dog was a threat. I hadn't been too worried about it because I figured the neighbor's dog would never cross the creek now that it has a good amount of water in it. I guess I thought wrong. :( Harriet and Greta remain locked in their coop until I figure out a plan B for them...

  3. Oh no, poor Hazel; I'm sorry. I didn't realize a cocker spaniel would go after a chicken, which probably shows how little I know about dogs and chicks.


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