Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Baxter is one lucky pup. For the second year in a row, his mom is throwing him a birthday party. And not just any birthday party. A birthday party at a dog park with 2-color letterpress invitations! (She said his first birthday party was at a dog bar. A dog bar!! Who knew?) I wish I was on the official guest list...

I printed these cards yesterday in bright and happy shades of blue and green. First the blue:


Then the green:


I had a lot of fun working with Baxter's mom to design the cards and come up with something that was suitable for the lucky boy. I mailed them today, and I sure hope they like them!


  1. Wow - so nice! Better not let Sadie catch a whiff of 'em... she'll start demanding a party too. :)

  2. SO. CUTE. And, that's a really fun idea to have a birthday party for her puppy dog at a dog park. I have a feeling my little boy is going to insist that we do that this year... and I will agree :)


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