Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The benefits of being your own boss (and the need for a personal assistant)

There are many perks to being your own boss. The biggest is probably the ability to stop by the river on the way home from the daily run to the post office. I really didn't have time for this yesterday, but Sadie insisted. I had been promising her a swim for at least a week, but I kept having to tell her "tomorrow" due to bad weather or work.

But yesterday the three of us enjoyed about 30 minutes of pure bliss at the river.



Swimming the Colorado river

Stick plus water equals good time

And I realized that at least two of us (the smallest ones) need to have days like that more often. I wouldn't mind, either.

So as I stood there in the sand I decided to hire a personal assistant for the summer. I had my baby sitter in mind. She's great with Lachlan, young and energentic, and highly motivated by money. She's not afraid of things like yard work, and last year she had already offered to mow my lawn or weed the garden.

I talked to her this morning and offered her a big fat raise in exchange for her commitment to work 10-20 hours a week for the summer. She jumped at the chance! Yay! She's headed out of town for a family vacation and won't get back until June 13th, but then she will get right to work.

And that's perfect timing, because June 13th is the day we are supposed to close on the condo we are buying as an investment. And it needs a lot of work. And I'm already looking at Lachlan and wondering how good he is with a paint brush...

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