Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Real estate and fires

I've been gone from here for awhile. And for those of you keeping score, we still haven't bought the condo. We're still trying to buy it, but between an incompetent loan processor, an incompetent and arrogant mortgage broker, an idiot at underwriting, and a non-responsive jerk at the HOA, we still are really no closer to closing on it than we were two full weeks ago. Tomorrow is the final deadline. I'm not holding my breath. Every spare moment lately--and there are few of them--has been spent looking at the MLS and viewing properties. I'm hoping this is over soon. I need to take out my frustrations by ripping out flooring and maybe even knocking down a wall or two.

And then there are the fires burning in Colorado and New Mexico. Dear family friends who live near Colorado Springs were evacuated today. The fire is near the ridge line right behind their house. One of my best customers at Paper and Present lives in Fort Collins. I haven't heard back from her recently, so I hope she is OK and has managed to locate a friend of hers who lived in one of the worst-hit areas.

And tonight we have our own fire burning just 10 miles from our house. It was started by lightning this afternoon and now is at 500 acres and growing rapidly. They have already evacuated one area, and with all the fires burning in the state I am sure the resources are stretched thin right now. We are all praying for rain, but the forecast shows nothing but sun and high temperatures.

Another fire in Colorado

I hope to be back soon with better news.


  1. Oh no, I hope you and your home will be fine. The fires are beyond awful and like you said, the forecast doesn't offer any relief. Sending all my best wishes westward.

  2. YIKES! I wish I could send some rain your way! Best to you and yours!


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