Friday, June 15, 2012


Doesn't this little guy put a smile on your face?

And I need a smile right now. We are trying to buy a small condo as an investment property. We were supposed to close this past Wednesday. Then we were supposed to close today. Now we are hoping to close next Wednesday. If there was a ball to be dropped, the mortgage company has dropped it. And we didn't go with some random cheap-o mortgage company. We went with Wells Fargo because we thought they knew how not to drop balls.

Apparently I was wrong. And on top of everything, the mortgage broker is giving me attitude every time I call. I guess she thinks it's odd that I'm mad because she just started all the paperwork to get the loan through underwriting on the day before we were supposed to close. And she had no idea she had to get condo project approval and Fannie Mae approval because of the owner occupancy percentage, despite my agent specifically reminding her of these things two weeks ago. She just started working on those two things yesterday.

So I will continue to look at this baby monkey so I don't become overwhelmed by the urge to go strangle someone at Wells Fargo. And when this is all finished, I'll be moving all of my accounts out of Wells Fargo!!

I hope you all have a happy weekend. And happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, mine and Lachlan's included!!


  1. I want one of those finger puppets!

    Luck and smooth sailing to ya!

  2. I have never-ever seen a real estate settlement go smoothly if that is any consolation... probably not. Fingers crossed it will happen soon. Amazing little monkey!


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