Thursday, June 7, 2012

Snake charming

The husband seems to have a thing for snakes lately. He found a rather large garter snake hanging out near the garden the other day. He looked fat and healthy, and I hope it's not because he's been snacking on the family of baby toads living in my rose bushes...

Right after he showed me the snake and asked where I wanted him relocated (far away from baby toads, please!), I turned around to start getting the table ready for dinner and saw this.

Yes that's a snake skin, and I'm wondering why my husband put it on the dinner table right before dinner. Gross.

A snake skin on the table? Really? Gross.

He has had this preoccupation with snakes ever since he took a "How to catch and handle a deadly snake" class right before he came home from Australia. I would think it would be a short class. How do you catch and handle a deadly snake? You don't. You run screaming in the other direction. Class over.

But all the guys (and a couple of gals) at work gathered around for some hands-on snake charming and catching.

I don't know about you, but if I was a guy I'd be rather nervous about that snake's head right there...

I guess all of the guys got to take a turn catching a snake (yes, a venomous one) and plopping it safely into a bag. This here is the husband's friend, Ray. Ray is apparently as crazy as the husband.

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  1. Whilst I don't make many (any) comments on this blog it should be noted that the snake photographed above was the coastal tai-pan. Complete with fangs and venom. Possibly THE most feared snake in Oz. Other snakes handled that day were the king brown, eastern brown, collett's, and red bellied black. The black headed python was brought along just for fun and photo opportunities.
    The "H"


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