Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pretty in pink

I have a ridiculous amount of printing to do this week. First up today was the light pink color called blossom. I had an order for 160 birth announcements for little Annie Louise using one of my brand new monogram fonts. So excited to get to use it!

Birth announcements in light pink

Birth announcements for Annie Louise

Since I had ink on the press, I also printed a sample using this same monogram font that I can post on Etsy (I don't like posting actual customer's announcements to protect their privacy).

New monogram birth announcement sample

And while I was at it I printed a birth announcement sample with another new monogram font with a vine flourish.

Another new monogram birth announcement sample

And last but not least, I printed some notecards with another new monogram font (yes, I bought a ton of monogram fonts lately!).

Another new monogram font

Hopefully I'll manage to get these new samples posted in the shop before the year is over!


  1. These are gorgeous Melissa! LOVE!

  2. Was that a clever way of suggesting that if Josh and I ever have a little girl, mayhaps we should name her Melissa Leigh?


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