Thursday, July 12, 2012

Western wedding

Several weeks ago I showed you the save the dates I did for a western wedding in Utah this September. Yesterday I finally got around to printing the invitations for them. All the pieces are printed in chocolate brown ink on ivory paper, and she plans to tie them together with a piece of turquoise twine with a cute little tag I made.

Western wedding invites

The couple is getting married in Moab, Utah, which is world famous for its red rock cliffs, so I incorporated the area's unique landscape at the bottom of the invitation. I love how it turned out!!

Western wedding in Moab Utah

Western wedding invitation

Things have been crazier than normal this week, between the unusually large number of printing jobs I have and the rapid pace of Paper and Present these days. I know you all get a kick out of seeing what life is like in my little world, so here's a peek at what my kitchen looked like just as I was walking out the door to the post office today. In case you are wondering, that is about 25 packets of hot chocolate on the floor. Rearranging them between two different boxes kept Lachlan busy for at least 8 minutes...

My kitchen at the moment...


  1. And I was just saying to my readers that I don't know how you keep everything organized... the expression on Sadie's face matches mine! j/k :D

    Wow to the invitations!!

  2. ...And Sadie is disgusted that she has to pick up YET another of his messes!

    LOVE the is over the top great!


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