Monday, October 1, 2012

Employees and printing

My new employee started today. Things around here are already feeling more awesome. I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that something I started as a little hobby to fill the time while Lachlan napped has turned into something that requires the assistance of an employee. In addition to regaining my sanity (hopefully!), I am also really hoping this gives me a tiny bit more time to get back to printing, which is how I got into this whole mess in the first place!

With dad home now to entertain Lachlan for the day, I spent the weekend in the shop, just me, my presses, my giant paper cutter, a tub of silver ink, and a stack of white cotton paper, chipboard, kraft and white pillow boxes, and red cardstock. And as the new holiday items rolled off the press, my life was filled with joy.

Cutting white, red and Kraft card stock for new holiday letterpress tags #letterpress

Metallic silver ink on the press today to print some new holiday cards. I can almost hear those sleigh bells jingling! #letterpress

It's strange to be printing so much holiday stuff when it is 85 degrees outside! #letterpress #holiday #christmascards

Merry Christmas pillow boxes in silver ink. Perfect for small trinkets and stocking stuffers! #letterpress #stockingstuffer

I am pretty happy with how these pillow boxes turned out with silver ink! #letterpress #favorbox #stockingstuffer

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  1. Oh how exciting - an assistant AND Christmas goodies! There really is a Santa Claus. :)


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