Sunday, November 4, 2012


Our Capable Guy has been hard at work at the other house. The carport is almost completely framed in to convert it to a playroom/office/den/bonus room.

The two separate out buildings have also been opened up. The back part of this space will be the new laundry room with a huge amount of extra space to be used as a craft room, pantry, mud room, or all of the above. We get to keep the pitched ceilings, which makes me very happy.

We ordered the new windows and exterior doors for the entire house (the husband cried as I wrote that check...), and one huge decision was made with the selection of the front door. Because we are basically redoing the entire house, the style of it could have gone ranch or it could go craftsman, and the front door is 100% craftsman. At least that's one less decision left to make!

Capable Guy will work this week to enclose the new framing so that we can get Mr. Stucco out there to give the exterior of the house a new lease on life. So excited, but so scared to have to pick the stucco color soon!

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  1. Wow! Busy woman! Congrats on the Real Simple mag spread. And absolutely gorgeous photo of Lachlan & the yellow-blossomed tree at the park - are you planning on blowing it up on canvas & stretcher boards?
    (Looks like it's been a busy last half of the year for many of us. May the rest of November & December bring much joy to everyone.)


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