Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 112

A major setback! This is what happens when the husband decides to turn on the swamp cooler (which requires a water line in the attic) on the day he's leaving town for two weeks while his lovely and amazingly patient wife is also leaving town for 1.5 weeks.

I returned home from San Diego to find the ceiling drywall sagging and water pouring out of the ceiling onto my antique pine chest. I poked a hole in the ceiling and more water came pouring out. I thought the damage was contained to the area seen sagging in the photo.

Leak 001

Today my wonderful contractor brought some guys out to tear out the wet parts of the ceiling. And it turns out that the water line started leaking almost immediately, and two weeks worth of water can do a lot of damage! It's airing out over the weekend, and next week some time they'll be back to repair it. In the meantime, the husband will be taking me to my favorite restaurant.



  1. oh poor you, what a mess... we had a water problem when on vacation, soooooooo much damage, i feel you pain~


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