Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moto, Tanqueray, and Drake

I spent yesterday afternoon with my four-legged buddies at Roice Hurst. I managed to walk three dogs (so what about all the other things on my list to do before leaving for NM today...).

First up was Moto. This isn't a good picture of him. I'd guess that he's a boxer mix. He's 8 months old and really tall for his age. He's had a rough time in his short life, and I think he's the kind of dog that just doesn't eat when he's stressed. He's really quite skinny, which I think might be why they blurred his picture so much. But what a sweet boy he is (his sweet brown eyes made me want to melt!), and he can jump straight up in the air about 6 feet. That's a really neat thing unless your fence is only 5 feet high.


Second was Tanqueray, a 9-month-old pit bull mix. Sweet and adorable, with a tail that goes a million miles an hour! She really liked the idea of running after the tennis ball, but lost enthusiasm when it came to bringing it back to me. I love her one blue eye.


The last dog for this week was Drake, an 8-year-old yellow lab mix. He seems like a bit of a goofball, and like most labs, his tail went from side to side the entire time I was with him.



  1. ohhhhh drake! there is such sweetness in those brown eyes...

    love T's eyes! and poor moto......

  2. I know, I love Drake. He reminds me SO much of Simon when he was that age.

    Oh, who am I kidding? I love them all!

  3. Tanqueray has such a happy face :)

    I've submitted your blog into the Stumbleupon queue to send viewers.

  4. oh you are having a ball... go ahead and foster, i think mine are so bad becasue they are siblings, double your pleasure, but quadrupple the disasters!


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