Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010 garden

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. The seed catalogs, that is.

I've received about 8 of them so far this year. And who am I to resist temptation when it comes to buying things related to gardening?? I ordered a lot of seeds from Territorial Seed Company last year and really liked them, so this is my go-to catalog again this year.

2010 seeds1

These seeds arrived yesterday. They are just part of my order...

2010 seeds2

I also bought an indoor mushroom kit, an outdoor mushroom kit, 75 strawberry plants, 5 more raspberry bushes, and a fig tree. A fig tree? Yes, a fig tree. It isn't supposed to get that big and I'm told it does well in a container and can be brought inside during the winter. And I suffer from an incurable disease that prevents any self control when placing an order for garden things, and so I cannot be held responsible for buying a fig tree when I live in Colorado.

And here's a really neat thing that the Territorial Seed Company is doing this year. With your order, they are including a free package of carrot seeds and ask that you grow a row of carrots to donate to a food bank, soup kitchen, or a neighbor in need.

2010 seeds3

Isn't that neat? So I'll grow a row of carrots for that purpose this year. And for those of you keeping seed score, you'll see that with five new varieties of tomatoes and SEVEN new varieties of winter squash (in addition to the five varieties of tomatoes and three varieties of winter squash seeds I still have from last year...) there is a very, very good possibility that I'll have a lot more than just a row of carrots to donate!

Now all I have to do is start the seeds indoors (I'll probably start a few this weekend) and then find time to actually plan where I'll grow all this stuff!

Here is a great thing I just found the other day while looking through my Gardener's Supply catalog: an interactive tool to plan gardens! They offer 8 pre-planned 3x6 foot gardens, complete with a layout, planting instructions and an illustration of what it will look like once it's all filled in. It also lets you swap out plants with other things or even plan your own garden from scratch.


Are any of you planning a garden this year? I'd love to hear what you plan to grow!

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  1. That's awesome! I'd kill for a garden... although, in general my potted gardens are doing well except for one thing: lavender. I think I've got some sort of fungus because half the plant will die, followed by the other half with a few good leaves held out to the last. Any ideas?


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