Thursday, August 12, 2010


My mom and I are putting our skills at multi-tasking to the test.

We're still working on a bazillion landscaping projects. But then last week I got this:


It's a stack of 33 sheets of OSB* on my front porch. What am I doing with 33 sheets of OSB on my front porch, you ask?

Well, in between digging holes and planting plants, we're priming and painting them.


And then we're carrying them over to the workshop where they are being placed in a neat little stack against a wall.

And what do I plan on doing with 33 sheets of primed and painted OSB?

Well, they are going to go on the walls and ceiling of this, my new letterpress studio.




*OSB = oriented strand board. It's an engineered wood product that comes in sheets like plywood.


  1. I realize I'm completely uneducated about this stuff...but what is OSB? Your new studio is going to look amazing!!!

  2. Sorry! I forget that not everyone lives the kind of life where they have OSB on their front porch. :) I added the definition of it. Basically it's like plywood, but is an engineered product.

    I can't wait to complete construction on the space and move everything in there. It will be so nice to have everything in one place!!

  3. You, my dear, are a busy busy bunny! How are the hens?


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