Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Progress (thanks, mom!)

My mom just left this morning after spending 2.5 weeks here helping me with projects around the house. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Things really happen around the house when she's here.

For example, 95% of the plants are now in the ground in the upper area in the backyard. I still plan to add a few more ornamental grasses and other odds and ends, but first I need to do some more dirtwork and move in some more moss rocks.

I also finished most of the rock work behind the house. I have a few projects in mind for this space, but they'll probably have to wait until next year.


Now I just need to finish the rock work around the patio, which will hopefully happen this weekend.


And look! I have grass! It sprung up literally overnight on Sunday, and now it's slowly filling in. Seeing those tiny sprigs of green makes me so happy!!


One other project we accomplished was a planted area in front of the fence that separates a parking area from the garden.

On a whim last week I walked through the garden center at Home Depot and found these gorgeous day lilies.


Their color is an almost identical match to these David Austin roses that the husband gave me for Valentine's day.


So I planted them in a long row along the fence, and I also included a few lavender plants in the mix. Once I finish some other projects with moss rock, I'll use the leftover rock to edge the area to separate it from the gravel driveway.


If you think this is great progress, wait until you see the new yard on the west side!


  1. I LOVE seeing the early bones of a garden....this is going to be a blast to see the before and after next year when they are all grown in! Beautiful rock work!

    Yep...Thanks Mom!

  2. Gorgeous! You and your mom made SO much progress. I bet the hands and arms are aching, hopefully in a good, look what we accomplished way.


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