Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I can't put into words how happy I am to finally have my new studio space painted! Over the weekend the husband put the final coat of paint on it.

Although I originally planned to do a light color on the walls, in the end I opted for a final coat of a soft white (Forgetmenot by Kwal) to keep the space as bright as possible.

New letterpress studio

I am in love with the natural light provided by the two windows. Both presses and my two paper cutters will eventually be positioned on this wall. And I'm leaving a bit of extra space in front of the window on the left. The contractor who did the work on our house and this space knows a guy who has what sounds like my same press, but the older version with the beautiful curved spokes on the flywheel. There's a rumor that this guy just doesn't have time for the press and may be interested in selling it. I wonder if he can see me jumping up and down, waving my hands and yelling, "Me! Me!" from clear across town...

New letterpress studio

New letterpress studio

Right now the husband is working on running more conduit for new outlets and for two overhead fluorescent lights and a fan.

I can't wait to get busy with this huge wall, hopefully later this week. It will eventually be filled with some of the base cabinets from our old kitchen, as well as work tables and lots and lots and lots of shelves for all of my paper and stuff.

New letterpress studio

Oh so happy!

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