Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ridiculous is the word of the day around here today. Why?

1. As of last night they were already forecasting a major blizzard--not a major storm, not a major winter storm, but a major BLIZZARD--for us on Wednesday. That ought to make travel for Thanksgiving ridiculously fun. Or not.

2. Sadie normally sleeps in our room, but since we've had the woodburning stove going, she's taken to sleeping in one of her two beds in the living room so that she can be more snuggly. At 2 o'clock this morning, she sat by my side of the bed and whined until I got up, thinking she needed to go potty. Instead, she walked out to the living room and plopped down on her bed by the stove. Turns out that she was just letting me know that the fire had died down and I needed to add another log...

3. And you know what else is ridiculous? It may be cold outside, but with the fire roaring this morning the house is now a toasty 73 degrees. I'm in a t-shirt, it's so warm in here. But this ridiculous little turkey can't seem to get close enough to the fire.

Sadie baking her brain


  1. That Sadie is one smart pup! Stay safe today - I hope the blizzard forecast will fizzle out big-time. Would you believe I heard a cricket chirping last evening and a mosquito followed me into the house? Crazy, but today we're back to chilly reality. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You mean she's one spoiled pup! :) So far we have just a dusting of snow. The weatherman continues to claim that bad things are coming our way this morning. The husband continues to scoff at their claims, declaring that we will get no more than two inches of snow. Sadly, the husband is usually more accurate than the weatherman, so we'll see who is right today...

    Funny, I've found two crickets in the house in the last few days, and I routinely find mosquitos in the house in the middle of winter! I've always wondered how they got in and how they survive, because they never seem to bite us or Sadie. Weird!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! :)


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