Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby hat

Back in March I knit a baby hat using a pretty light green yarn called cucumber. At the time I planned to make lots of them to donate to needy mothers.

Baby hat

Then I found out I was pregnant and all those good intentions went out the window as I rushed to complete projects around the house. The hat and yarn was stashed in a bag and stuck in a closet and I forgot all about it until this morning!

I put it on Lachlan and was so sad to find out it's already pretty tight on him. I'm going to try to stretch it just a bit to get it to fit a little better right now. I also have plans to get some new yarn today and make some new hats for him. As I recall, it didn't take long to whip this one up.

Showing off hat at 6 weeks

I hope everyone has a good weekend. Tomorrow will be pretty exciting around here. Lachlan will be six weeks old tomorrow and we have something pretty special planned to celebrate. It may take a few weeks before I can show you, but hopefully it will be worth the wait. :D

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