Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I forgot that the husband took these photos while we were exploring a canyon during our trip to Boulder, Utah last month. These pictures are particularly notable because there are few pictures of me in general and almost none of me with Lachlan. I'm the one who is usually taking the pictures, which means there are a ton of Lachlan and plenty of the husband with Lachlan, but I'm mostly MIA.

Boulder Utah Nov 2011 (2)

Boulder Utah Nov 2011 (1)

Boulder Utah Nov 2011 (3)

And yeah, the scenery really is THIS AWESOME. Really truly.

Boulder Utah Nov 2011 (5)

Boulder Utah Nov 2011 (4)


  1. The picture of all in front of the mountain looks like it could be straight out of a baby catalog. I love it!

  2. Hey, the Hubby's got some epic photos in there this time. Congrats!!!

  3. That gnarly tree is incredible. Loved seeing these pics.


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