Monday, January 16, 2012

Colorful cards

My babysitter sent me a text message last night and said she has the day off school for MLK day, so I am taking full advantage of that!

This morning I spent some time out in the studio working on some samples of two fonts, including some new cards. It recently dawned on me that there are very few options for personalized letterpress folded cards (most people do flat cards because it can be very problematic to score and fold the heavy cotton paper used for letterpress without it cracking along the fold, but I have mastered the technique!). And there are absolutely no options (that I can find) for personalized letterpress cards on colored paper.

So that got me to thinking... I have a ton of pretty colored cardstock that coordinates with my colored envelopes. I tried a few samples today and it works pretty well with a blind impression. So this morning I printed several samples in these two fonts, and this afternoon I'm hoping to print samples of two more fonts if I can get them cleaned well enough in the time I have.


  1. Those look great! And you're right I don't think I have seen letterpress on colored paper. Great idea! I know its late but Happy New Year!

  2. Very pretty! I never realized letterpress paper doesn't usually fold well... makes sense though, since it's so nice and thick. Good for you on figuring out a way to do it. :)

  3. I don't think I've even thought about colored paper letterpress but it's such a good idea :)


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