Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Holiday 2012 recap: Blackbird Naturals

It seems almost silly to me to just now be talking about some cool things I got for Christmas this year, but I have been slightly overwhelmed with orders from my Etsy packaging shop for weeks now. All I can say is that ridiculous things happen when two different women in Denmark with very popular blogs get some of your products and then blog about them! But I digress...

I got several really awesome things for Christmas. I'll just tell you about a few of them that are particularly relevant to the general themes that appear on this here blog, because I figure that you might be particularly interested in hearing about them.

First up is this AWESOME package of vegetable seeds that I got from my friend, Kelly. It is made by Blackbird Naturals and I was giddy when I first unwrapped it, and then I almost passed out when I opened the box! If you've poked around my Etsy packaging shop, Paper and Present at all, you've probably figured out that I looooove pretty packaging. And if you've poked around this blog at all, you've probably figured out that I loooooove gardening. So this present was a definite home run with me.

It came in this really neat wood, slide-top box, which had me at hello!

Blackbird naturals (1)

And if that wasn't awesome enough, this is what I saw when I opened the box:

Blackbird naturals (2)

Beautiful, right?! Those little metal slide-top tins make my heart go pitter-patter every time I look at them. I'll never look at a plain paper envelope of seeds the same way again. I just love a company that goes the extra step to present their goods this way!

Included in my collection are 8 varieties of heirloom, organic, open pollinated vegetable seeds: arugula, chantenay carrot, chioggia beet, cherry tomato, English breakfast radish, lemon cucumber, orach spinach, and Siberian kale.

Blackbird naturals (3)

If you are a gardener yourself, you might be very interested in the seeds available at Blackbird Naturals. And if you aren't a gardener but know someone who is, their seed collections make spectacular gifts. Trust me! :D

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