Sunday, July 8, 2012


I went shopping today.

At an antique store.

I can hear the husband screaming now, can't you? Fortunately for him, I had Lachlan with me and knew I only had about 15 minutes before he'd be squirming to get down and put his grubby paws on everything.  But I only needed about 5 minutes. I was a woman on a mission.

I've been wanting a small antique wood dresser to go by my side of the bed and act as a night table. And because that corner of my bedroom has perfect light all day long for product photography, I've been extra anxious to get one now that I have the new lens for my camera (after my brother gave me a camera tutorial last time I saw him; Thanks, Scott!).

There were lots of lovelies that were too big or too wide or too tall. And then I found this sweet thing, described as a Victorian walnut wash stand. I'm not over the moon about the design on the front of the drawers, but I love the marble top. It will work perfect for my needs right now. I can use the drawers to help store all of the stuff that is usually piled on the bed every day, and the height and marble top are perfect (I hope) for staging all my photos for the shops.

Marble and walnut wash stand

And as I zoomed up and down the aisles I spotted this sweet little wood tote box out of the corner of my eye, and without even breaking stride I pulled it right off the hanger on the wall as I passed by. I have a thing for old wood boxes, and I think this little guy has just become my new favorite.

Small wood tote

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  1. OK, so I figured out that for some obscure reason, my computer software/programs is/are not compatible with your comment section UNLESS I am the first to leave a comment. ONLY THEN will it let me see the comment page and add my own. Otherwise, if other readers have already left comments,the screen goes blank and eventually times out. In that case, I'm not able to see their comments or leave one of my own.
    So while I am able to be here right now, I will comment on your posts from here to end of July (since they already have comments).
    1. So cool that Lachlan loves grapes ! ♥
    2. Mr L has the cutest expressions, awe !
    3. Love the old-timey Western Font, brown tones, layout & artwork on those wedding invites ... it so works; what a lucky couple !
    4. BTW - the time difference here is 4 hours, and Hawaii is one of the few States that does not use Daylight Savings Time.
    5. I hope it is not too hot & dry there now. Seems the weather is very unusual all across the country right now. A few of my daffodils bloomed in Jan/Feb this year ... and then whoa! I had three of blossoms come up last month in July. Huh???

    Well,this is going to be real strange now. I'm going to have to try and catch your blog "hot off the keys" so that I will be able to leave a comment. Catch-can. So if you hear a computer screaming one day, no worries, it's just mine falling 5,000 feet after I (hmmm finally) toss it out the window ;)

    Try not to work TOO hard. Peace to you and your family.


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